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The origins

I was lucky to grow up in nature.
I received the first teachings from people who, for the most part, were not educated in the academic sense, bearers of a precious oral tradition of storytelling and songs. From their hard and wise hands, I received rough and loving caresses. In their silences, I learned to observe, listen and cultivate the earth, to smell it and to know its taste. To distribute the effort and to understand the meaning and the time of the seasons of work and rest. To enjoy the fruits that my hands had helped to grow. Experiences lived on agricultural cycles, that a few years later I would have re- known in the reading and in the practice of I: Ching, the book of mutaments.

The breath, the voice, the psychology, the anatomy, the music, the shiatzu, the medicinal herbs, the Chinese medicine, the new medicine, the Essens therapies, the cooking, the tibetan bells, the theater, the piano, the percussions, the martial practices, the sensitive dance, the angelology, the essential oils, the Bach flowers, the channeling, the alchemy, the architecture, the writing, the water and tkp. These and other practices, from a simple subject of study, have come to life and have taken sense, in the exchange and in the time spent alongside numinous people in their art and mastery, to travel the journey, to walk in nature, in cities and in sacred places, with and without shoes. Let the everyday life passes through us. Staying daughter, transforming the woman, becoming bride and mother. Experiences to make humus, to fullfill my mission together with people.

To listen to the fears and their overcoming, the symbol, the game, the work of, in and outside the circle. The com-passion. All part of what happens during a collective meeting or a seminar. Synchronicity is a fundamental part of it. Being and flowing in the moment. The perception of the signals. The search for suspension in the void, listening to terrestrial and divine messages. The inner and outer balance between masculine and feminine. The fundamental attraction towards the opening of the heart door. Where all heal. Dies. Comes to life again.

Wild Training was the first name of practices that continue to evolve. Born from the meeting with a Czechoslovak wolf, that became a travel, life and work companion. The daily expression of the behavior, the movements, the sounds and the rituals of the wolf, led to the birth of exercises on the body that moves to the rhythm of truth. On the body that rests, listens, breathes, speaks, sings, dances, creates and destroys. To remember our savage and wise soul that always asks to be nurtured, loved, listened to and healed. On the Way Home, letting ourselves slide gently in the beating of our heart.

And wider, in that of nature. In respect, in listening, in love for oneself and for others.

"I come in the energy of the spiral and in the memory of the water, to bless the places, to bring the seed of peace, to heal the wounds, to melt the knots and to reactivate the codes of your mastery."


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