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Individual meetings

Do not be afraid of the wolf ... you, you are the wolf.

The individual meetings take place in the studio or in nature, depending on the needs, the possibilities and the preferred season. At the beginning of the practice I advise you to meet us, every two weeks or so. The path has a duration that varies according to your needs and desires, at that moment of your life. Although each session can be autonomous and do not require further meetings.

The meeting, with a minimum time of one hour and twenty, is aimed at identifying quality and remedies that can be used immediately in one's life. Beginning to adopt for a lunar cycle some simple practices, whose characteristics emerge during the meeting, to support and develop the potentials of the person. The work carried out gives many food for thought and work "at home", for this reason the meetings need a long enough time to be digested, reworked, practiced and listened to.

The intent is to awaken and listen to one's inner voice, providing tools to manifest the most authentic potentials. Understanding and freeing situations that cause impediments and pain in our lives, opening ourselves to an intimate relationship with our deepest nature. The one that shows us the way to the recovery of all our mastery.

How and where do I perceive my breath? How does it affect or help the situations in which I am? What relationship does my voice have with my life? What effect does it have on me and others? What tone of voice did I inherit? What "vocal armor" did I build? Do I want to connect with myself and my guides and receive the tools to develop all my bright and creative potential?

The practice of breathing helps us to untangle mental, emotional and bodily tensions by fully rediscovering the perception of us as bodies on different planes. Going deeper into our first breath we will intuit its healing power. Letting us cross the spine, in various directions and different places and spaces of the body, we will find non-ordinary states where we can listen to numinous answers. The work on the breath is also performed with the accompaniment of Tibetan bells, percussion and / or water.
The practice of voice and song will help us to listen, to open and to discover what in our voices resides. It is not necessary to know how to sing. The simple practice of vocalizing and opening of the voice leads us to the memory of our natural ability to move the sound in music, understanding that "the one out of tune" does not exist. Everything that you bring with you will be part of the meeting. Dreams, poems, photographs, drawings, stories, music, sound instruments, essential oils, stones, words and silence will help us to find fragments to rejoin memories, recognize the essence of vibrations, harmonize the sources towards marriage with the soul and self-healing.

Energy cleaning of the house

A special meeting that is held right at your home. This meeting takes 3/4 hours, sometimes more. In your home we will breathe together and we will stop to listen. We will take objects, photos, books, memories and everything that will call our superior attention to create an improvised and beautiful artistic installation. The "framework" will give us the necessary ideas to untie a specific node, which is blocking or interfering in the steps at that moment of your life. I'll probably ask you if you can cook for us or together ...

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Nobody can steal you anything.
You came to do something unique.
Perfect and extraordinary.

Keep trying and making mistakes.
Let you contaminated
and stay yourself.

Remember to make emptiness.
To make space.
Vibrate in it.

Scratch the earth with your hands,
your feet.
Brush the roots sweetfully.
Move them if needed.

Listen and feed you with love.
Find your home, your skin,
take it with you if you need it.

Stay in the dark
only if you are about to sprout.
And then explode
in all your magnificence.
In the truth of your moment.

Be unique.
And unrepeatable.

Beatrice Volpi
Meads Full moon

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