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Yurts at the center

welcoming project

This place is born, after a inipi cerimony, at the top of the hill of the olive trees, in a quiet place of the Tuscan hills, half an hour from the sea. Sometimes in winter, the scent of salt comes silently and pungent together with the mistral. The plants of peace every two years give us a picking by hand, a gathering of families, departures and arrivals, in which the songs and the breathing welcome the coming of a good oil. To be tasted with mouth, to be massaged with your hands.

Maritime pines and fruit plants breathe together with those who slowly climb towards the top of the hill. It's nice not to be in a hurry and to allow yourself a break at the big fig tree where a despacho born during a spring storm reminds us to rest in silence, concentrating all the energies before the feline leap. All around, the lavender helps the heart to calm down and open the way to our encounter with the soul. Going up again, accompanied by a wolf, in real or subtle presence, towards the large yurt.

A circle of ten meters in diameter, five meters high, built with naval materials, spruce wood and wool.
The Tonoo, the large dome at the top, allows the moon and the sun to come inside to mark the rhythms, to turn on and off the lights, to create the spiral that dances above the dance. A fire waits to be lit in the winter months. From here pass the seminars, the meetings, the seasons of the imagined projects that then come to fruition. Here the stories meet and threads are woven that will go much farther. Beyond the garden, beyond the fence, in the small and big world, to shine like light in the light, which lights up others paths.

Listening. The care in every gesture. Respecting every difference. Food and wine. Laughter and silence. Release and tears. The circle. Which welcomes and lets go. Everything comes back, everything has already happened. Sometimes here, in the autumn light that calls for a deeper connection, you can hear the echo of the signals that you left to you. In a different time. Welcome and welcome back to you who will come to visit us. Good path, sometimes barefoot. Walking together towards home we will know what can be created or let go. A light caress. A deep breath.

Come to visit us for the olives harvest, the proposal of a work of yours, a peformance, a collective meeting.

Support the projects fot the continous work in progress.
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To Beatrice Volpi

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